• ongoing by Tim Bray · Is Moving to Mastodon Ethical?

    i have to confess, i’ve been wondering about this myself. given the level of technical shift that’s required to work with mastodon, is this a self-selecting group that doesn’t do right by the less mobile groups out there? there’s a lot to unpack here, but i can’t bring myself to get on board with the current state of twitter.

  • The Right-Wing Mothers Fuelling the School-Board Wars | The New Yorker

    there’s this part of me that wonders if at some point the streisand effect kicks in for the kids and they’re like … “where can i get the gay penguin family book?” whereupon, the kids wonder what the big deal is. it’s not the 80s any more.

    as someone who falls pretty hard into make all the books available and let the masses sort it out, camp. book banning seems incredbly stupid to me. first off, you’re pointing at exactly whatever it is that gets you in a twist and broadcasting your sensitivity. second, nobody cares what your hangups are. third, the moment you make something illegal or controversial, you’re increasing interest in it. those kids are definitely going to chase this down somehow.