• Prompt Engineering | Lil’Log

    this is a great introduction into prompt engineering. there’s a lot to unpack here. candidly, i have been mostly skeptical of much of the recent announcements and activity associated with AI. not that it doesn’t work for the vast majority of language oriented use cases, but that the behaviors and the outputs would still require that we confirm the results and that we’ve unleashed infinite bullshit generators upon the world. still as an engineer, gotta dig in.

  • mjg59 | We need better support for SSH host certificates

    on the one hand, ssh is an amazingly flexible tool. on the other hand, there are some nagging things that pop up in the not so strangest of places. the ssh ecosystem is full of arcana that you will be forced to relearn every time you brush up against it.

    https://lwn.net/Articles/637156/ - host key rotation protocol? mumble, grumble.

  • The venture capitalist’s dilemma - Molly White

    molly white’s writeup here has been one of the gems of the past 2 weeks.