Phoenix Is a Vision of America’s Future - The Atlantic

this is a wild george packer romp through the world of phoenix, complete with discussion of the water shortages, the politics of crazy and some solid takes on ASU.

it’s full of some real bangers. like this one from the jan-6 shaman …

Why had he gone to the Capitol in regalia on January 6? He had a spiritual answer and a political answer. The Earth’s electromagnetic field produces ley lines, he explained, which crisscross one another at sacred sites of civilizational importance, such as temples, pyramids, and the buildings on the National Mall. “If there’s going to be a million people assembling on the ley lines in Washington, D.C., it’s my shamanic duty, I believe, to be there and to ensure that the highest possible frequencies of love and peace and harmony are plugged into the ley lines.”

there’s little/nothing that’s encouraging in this piece, but it’s definitely worth the read.