• Batteries: how cheap can they get? - by Auke Hoekstra

    apparently, batteries can get a lot cheaper. like shockingly so. if we do this right, we get to a point where a distributed power system is really attainable and sustainable.

    sidebar - a different article where he calls out sabine hossenfelder for some bonkers bad takes on fossil fuels. well worth reading as well.

  • Analyzing my electricity consumption | zdimension

    i need to dig into the american equivalent here. there’s a raspberry pi for that i suppose.

  • Your Work Peak Is Earlier Than You Think - The Atlantic

    on the cusp of some personal changes on front, i ran across this article from 2019. totally worth a read if you’re in middle age and wondering how you want to make your pivot.

  • Western Aspen Alliance | USU

    aspen’s are big ass organisms.

  • AI’s $600B Question | Sequoia Capital

    this article has been making the rounds. i’m curious about this on a few fronts.

    1. how much runway is there on the AI infrastructure side of things?
    2. the notion that the payoff in AI spend on the part of corporations is through employee reduction isn’t too far off and seems like the first lever the management-critters will broadly reach for.