geography / location

yes, still in minnesota. bouncing to the bay area for work on a reasonably frequent basis (1-2x/month). spending time in minneapolis and lanesboro depending on how we want to mix things up. i expect more north shore time this year.


life is basically back to pre-pandemic operation and i’m up to my eyeballs in projects and various dorkish bits. i don’t expect a lot will change on this front this year.



this was going to be the year that i truly leveled up my ski game and got good. the lack of any snow this winter is putting such a crimp in this plan that i feel more concerned about the fact that my concerns should simply be hoping that my local ski facilities can stay in business through the downturn.


this will be the year of the century and the gravel century.

  • fulton grand fondo
  • le grand du nord

i must level up my trail biking game. trying to keep single-track tuesdays, well … on track.

if we can get any snow, i have my dillenger 4s all ready for the fat biking season. but this would just be throwing sparks on the road as of now.


target: 30 books this year. (let’s not be precious about it.)