20 May, 2019

foo-lab sample topology

topology the following scripts will create the VMs and the necessary OVS plumbing to generate the topology associated with the above diagram. these should be run in the following order: start-vms.sh start-topology.sh follow the gist links to get the raw source. NB the start-topo.sh script will create a number of interfaces. the most notable of which is the mgmgt0 interface which it will assign an IP address to. ... read more

20 May, 2019

foo-lab topology building

overview to build a virtualized network topology from the most base elements it’s as simple as starting a virtual machine with the necessary number of virtualized interfaces and interconnecting these virtual interfaces to other virtual machines or physical interfaces. while there are tools1 which will nicely automate the creation of topologies and handle the lifecycle of VMs. all of these are effectively placing a nice wrapper around the following process. ... read more

15 April, 2019

pyenv reminder

you can have multiple pythons enabled at the same time so that those applications which you run which make assumptions about python2 being available work. (i’m looking at you gsutil and gcloud) elmo(~)% pyenv global 3.7.1 2.7.15 elmo(~)% pyenv versions system * 2.7.15 (set by /Users/sulrich/.pyenv/version) 2.7.15/envs/foo 2.7.5 * 3.7.1 (set by /Users/sulrich/.pyenv/version) 3.7.2 foo elmo(~)% which python2 /Users/sulrich/.pyenv/shims/python2 elmo(~)% which python3 /Users/sulrich/.pyenv/shims/python3 elmo(~)% which python /Users/sulrich/.pyenv/shims/python elmo(~)% python --version Python 3. ... read more

29 March, 2019

disable IPv6 on a specific interface (linux)

because i have to google these sysctl settings every … time.. /etc/sysctl.conf # disable IPv6 on the wlan0 interface net.ipv6.conf.wlan0.disable_ipv6=1 # insufficient on its lonesome net.ipv6.conf.wlan0.autoconf=0 # don't forget this .. it’s important to disable autoconf because it will still pick up the RAs for learning the default and this may not deterministically let you do what you want. replace wlan0 with the interface you want to starve.

09 March, 2019

worms in the routing can

it looks like the fact that folks pass communities around like the common cold is a bulb that is starting to light. oft discussed over beers, but little research in this space. here’s a first run at this research. must read paper: BGP communities: even more worms in the routing can update (20190323) it looks like one of the authors has written a few blog posts on the topic as well for the RIPE folks. ... read more

15 January, 2019

folks talkin' 'bout taxes (err stimulus?)

economists discuss the impacts or merits of the AOC tax comments/proposal. i’m inclined to agree with the assertion that the AOC proposal is largely symbolic. however, it will be interesting to see if there’s practical discussion around the notion of deregulation of building in large cities. (ref: SFO and MSP debates on this) if there’s anything wealthy, white “liberals” hate, it’s folks messing with the value of their homes.

02 January, 2019

sherlock (python)

this is python script handier than you might think. it’s a little on the big brother side of things, but it does provide a useful point of reference to see which accounts you might want to keep / close.

01 January, 2019

picoferm notes and observations

overview my notes (and gripes) from using the picoferm for my most recent brew. this was an unimpressive first run with this particular product. screencap of my aborted picoferm cycle (note screencap time) beer: shankill stout picoferm unit battery life this is unpredictable at best. i was a bit concerned when i fired it up, logged into the brewhouse and noted that the projected fermentation time was longer than the projected battery life. ... read more

31 December, 2018

picopak sack

problem statement grains get stuck in the step filter when you’re brewing your beer. this causes problems with draining the wort and potential difficulties with the hop staging. in the first instance it meant that i lost a couple of liters of beer. in the second instance, i think my hop times got pretty thoroughly horked. fwiw, both batches, totally drinkable. solution put yo’ stuff in a sack directions get a stain-resistant nylon mesh material. ... read more

08 March, 2018

the trivialization of TED into a religion

this article hit pretty close to home this weekend when the TED radio hour came on and i had to ask alexa to shut it down because i couldn’t take the breathless delivery of the presenter spouting TED cliches. the tl;dr - TED’s about to become as vacuous as any other religion; titillating the senses and delivering pablum. the author doesn’t call it out in this manner. but they do a nice job of pointing out that TED’s veered into the trivializatin of things and the presentation of real problems as “puzzles to be solved. ... read more

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