• the eyes of tammy faye - i still cannot believe that this was jessica chastain. but tammy faye does come off looking better than i recall her being in the 80s.
  • the lost daughter - uh, good, i guess? i could not get into it.
  • love and monsters - fumb dun
  • the last duel - great, now i’m thinking about my heirs.
  • the nowhere inn - it’s kind of a turducken of a documentary, but it’s really quite interesting to watch.
  • the french dispatch - total wes anderson


  • the righteous gemstones (HBO)
  • the great (season 1 - hulu)
  • peacemaker (HBO)
  • single drunk female (hulu)
  • ozark (season 4 - netflix)
  • south side (HBO)
  • occupied (netflix)
  • the staircase (HBO)
  • the expanse (season 2 - amazon prime video)
  • for all mankind (seasaon 1 - tv+)