• knives out (no, not the new one)
  • white noise (netflix) why did we watch this again?
  • pinocchio (netflix) - very good. would recommend.
  • the menu (on the plane) - very good. would recommend.
  • jurassic world: dominion (amazon prime) - amusing, would not recommend.
  • ticket to paradise (on the plane) - saccharin. would not recommend.
  • patagonia films (on the plane) - i’ve been watching these on flights lately. they really make me feel like i’ve been living my life wrong.
  • vengeance (amazon prime) - you people100%. effectively captures a lot of what society feels like in a weird way.
  • cocaine bear (movie theater) - amusing and dumb. largely as you would expect it to be. can’t honestly recommend that you spend hard earned dollars on this at the theater, but we wanted to get out. wait for it to show up on hulu. be amused.
  • triangule of sadness (hulu) - black comedy brilliance. i’ll be thinking about this movie for a while.
  • knives out, glass onion (netflix) - shrug emoji.
  • i think we’re alone now (hulu) - strangely compelling. it was nice to see a post-apocalyptic movie that was understated in execution and not focused on zombies.
  • the banshees of inishirin (HBO) - i can’t understand any of the motivations and this is bleak as it gets. that despair factors into the movie is thoroughly unsurprising. pretty amazeballs scenery and a performance from colin farrell that’s really far better than i ever expected.


  • the white lotus: season 2 (HBO) - solid.
  • the boys: season 1, 2, 3 (amazon prime) - wow.
  • the last of us (hbo) - great. get HBO(+|max|whatver) for this alone.
  • the mandalorian: season 1, 2 (disney+) - i guess i see the appeal.
  • mark maron: from bleak to dark (HBO) - really enjoyed this.
  • ted lasso: season 3 (apple tv+) - pablum
  • succession: season 4 (HBO)
  • beef (netflix) - juice. totally worth the squeeze.
  • lucky hank (AMC+) - we bought this bob odenkirk series via prime. insert shrug emoji.
  • kaleidoscope (netflix) - i’m a sucker for a good heist flick
  • better call saul (netflix) - waited for the last season to come out on netflix. to be honest, kind of savoring this …