today, IANA allocated the last /8s to APNIC. the remaining (5) /8s should be allocated to the RIRs in short order. this will certainly be a hot topic tomorrow’s NANOG meeting.

ZenDoggy[sulrich]% grep -i  2011  ~/Desktop/ipv4-address-space.txt
   039/8  APNI                                     2011-01   ALLOCATED
   106/8  APNI                                     2011-01   ALLOCATED

ZenDoggy[sulrich]% grep -i unallocated ~/Desktop/ipv4-address-space.txt
   102/8  IANA                                                              UNALLOCATED
   103/8  IANA                                                              UNALLOCATED
   104/8  IANA                                                              UNALLOCATED
   179/8  IANA                                                              UNALLOCATED
   185/8  IANA                                                              UNALLOCATED
        UNALLOCATED: not yet allocated or reserved.

may you live in interesting times.