i sometimes wonder if the guy that curates the crime report for the southwest journal has a little fun with the incidents that he opts for publication.

these were culled from the latest southwest journal, (issue: 28-nov, 11-dec, 2011) a little bundle of local fun that magically arrives on my doorstep on the weekends.

lowry hill east - nov 13, 2011 - between 10:30p and 11:30p - a 40 -year-old man said his ex-girlfriend used keys he did not give her to enter his apartment. she gained access to his Facebook account and changed the settings on his match.com account so that she would receive the same email notifications as he would. she admitted to doing this in an email to the man.

whittier - nov 14, 2011 - 11:30a - a 25- to 33-year-old man said he intentionally left his car keys in his parked car. when he returned to the car his keys were gone. he demanded that police file a report.