this is possibly the best reasoning i’ve seen someone use to argue for the use of android - Scripting News: Why I use Android. personally, i find the OS and the devices running it to be something of a petri dish and for and element in my life that i depend on, as much as my phone, i’m not quite to the point where i’m willing to tolerate the nature of the OS and its corresponding apps marketplace.

however, there’s a need to have a competitive counter to iOS and something that’s open source provides a strong rationale. the ability to manage and sandbox the phone in the same manner as a PC is still in its infancy. i simply don’t have the confidence in the android marketplace right now in terms of device and app validation. i’m left to puzzle it out as a consumer and most consumers simply aren’t there, or in my case, willing to invest the time to vet applications and their operation.

right now, i’m at a place in my life where i need things to work so i can focus on the problems at hand. i lack the time to hack together the dependencies to make my phone workflow as seamless as i imagine you can get with android; nevermind working through the diagnostics to resolve conflicts. you won’t see me ragging on android, i find it to be a compelling alternative, but i’m not willing to make that trade off at this point.