we’re wrapping up a couple weeks of holiday and one of the things that this always prompts is a bit of introspection about what’s useful and what’s not useful. of particular interest to me is culling cruft which brings me no value in terms of actionable information sources or things which manifest themselves as generating todo load. one of these sources for potential todo or mental load is the unread figure in my RSS reader. it just seems to beckon my noggin as something that requires attention. however, the reality is there’s just a bunch of stuff in there that i really don’t care a bit about.

if you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to cull through the cruft in your information consumption, the google reader stats are incredibly useful. blowing out the stuff that i don’t read or click through on does wonders for clearing out the cobwebs for the new year. plus, you wouldn’t believe how fast things sync in reeder.