tech related

  • the tail at scale - i’ve been recommending this to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen to me on this stuff. there’s some really interesting 2nd order networking effects from this paper. perhaps not of interest to the majority of enterprise folks, but if you’re a member of the “crap is better and moar iterations” school of thought … breathe deeply. were i a “blogger”, there’s good swath of twisty passages all alike in there to write about. go read this. (oh, and make sure to read the referenced papers.)

  • sprouts - pencil + paper game that looks fun.

  • seriously, who gives a shit about tunnel formats? - let a thousand flowers bloom and source this crap from the vswitch. a heretical perspective in geographies i frequent. i’ll smile and point out that following these rules and providing a variety of hash criteria solves, like, a lot of the stuff that keeps folks up at night. i will point out however, that fixed format tunneling drives me absolutely crazy. being able to overload tunnel encap fields with additional data is handy and provides a neat means of providing synchronicity and poor mans transactions at the data-plane. but i digress.

  • mcpipy - this looks like an absolute blast and might be the gateway drug to get little dude to do his python tutorials. i need more time in my days for this stuff.

  • building a 100K log/sec logging infrastructure - a lot more interesting and fun than i really thought it would be.