there’s a pernicious bug inside of instapaper that drives me absolutely bonkers. it is as follows.

i have a few IFTTT recipes which grab comments and highlighted text from articles that i’m reading in instapaper and import them into day one and a few files inside of dropbox.

IFTTT <br> compression

when using multple <br> tags within an IFTTT recipe to achieve the moral equivalent of a \n for formatting purposes or to enable markdown rendering of content in a downstream application multiple <br> tags are compressed into a single <br> tag.

this prevents markdown from being properly formatted within dayone or any other application that does basic rendering of markdown enabled text.

IFTTT bug filing nit

there doesn’t appear to be any facilitate to bring this matter up or track its resolution with IFTTT. a tweet to them per the suggestion (here) has met with silence. i suspect i should keep trying on a regular basis.