this article hit pretty close to home this weekend when the TED radio hour came on and i had to ask alexa to shut it down because i couldn’t take the breathless delivery of the presenter spouting TED cliches.

the tl;dr - TED’s about to become as vacuous as any other religion; titillating the senses and delivering pablum. the author doesn’t call it out in this manner. but they do a nice job of pointing out that TED’s veered into the trivializatin of things and the presentation of real problems as “puzzles to be solved.” what was a potentially golden opportunity to expose the wider world to interesting developments has become a trite marketing platform.

the next stop for TED is a set of dietary constraints and exclusionary principles to make its transformation to a religious order complete.

i’m a little chagrined/disappointed in my self given how much i enjoyed the early days of TED.