How Greenwich Republicans Learned to Love Trump

Leora Levy, who called him vulgar in the local paper, took to applauding his “leadership” and quoting him on Twitter, where she adopted some of his rhetorical style. “AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!!!” she posted. “WE ARE BORN FREE AND WILL STAY FREE!!!” Last fall, Trump nominated her to be the American Ambassador to Chile.

i’m always a bit amused by these “we are born free and will stay free” assertions. have you not interacted with a faceless bureaucratic agency? lest you forget you’re 0wned call your insurance company.

you’re remarkably privileged if you’ve never had to deal with these kinds of situations and come face to face with the fact that you’re really owned by corporate america now. all hail the shareholders.

… ​

In the end, Bush was “a gentleman, but he was a politician, too,” his biographer Jon Meacham wrote. For all Bush’s decency, he had decided early on that, in order to serve, he needed to win. In a tape-recorded diary entry near the end of the 1988 campaign, Bush told himself, “The country gets over these things fast. I have no apologies, no regrets, and if I had let the press keep defining me as a wimp, a loser, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

​ there’s a pretty dark truth in here. this also drives a lot of human interaction.