my winter climate malaise

"The feeling of losing snow", in the the atlantic hit a little close to home for me.

this has been an unseasonably warm winter for us. to be fair, we’d been expecting a little warmer weather this winter. el nino had us expecting that it would be a bit warmer than usual. but road biking on christmas day in Minnesota was not on my bingo card. that it’s january 14th and i’m thrilled to have what little dusting of snow and subzero temperatures we’re currently experiencing is kind of shocking to me. i got a little choked up when i saw the white stuff land and have a shot at sticking last week.

that said - the bangers just keep coming … The Threshold at Which Snow Starts Irreversibly Disappearing - the sub-title is not encouraging, specifically, “If you think it’s bad now, strap in.”

here’s the link to the nature paper of doom - Evidence of human influence on Northern Hemisphere snow loss. it’s a probabilistic shit show.

assuming that humanity doesn’t pull its head out of its collective ass here, what’s the hedge on this one? move north? move to the mountains? as a gen X-er, there’s like still a few years of snow ahead for me and my family. but the writing is clearly on the wall, winters will not be like those of my youth. if this is something that i want to enjoy into my dotage, i’m going to have to figure something out here.