misc. notes

a man, a plan, a turban and a B3 organ.

featured on the blue note podcast. he’s not actually a doctor; he is apparently referred to as “the doctor” by other jazz musicians given his tendency to “doctor” up his work. the origin of the turban is unclear since it seems to have appeared later in his career. wikipedia was surprisingly unhelpful on this front.

impressive discography. the latest album (evolution) appears to be only available on CD and/or streaming. i added a few older albums to my discogs watchlist, but there’s clearly a lot to wade through here. all of it fun and plenty funky.

also added to the watch/want list is alligator boogaloo by lou donaldson. the title track was featured in a rather bizarre youtube mashup with footage from the 1968 film, help wanted female; the plot summary of which appears to be captured in the mashup.

alligator boogaloo mashup

relevant spotify playlist

btw, this podcast is largely dead. the lone episode in this podcast was great, but it’s really a shame that they don’t have more episodes. particularly for such an iconic label.