reading: a sand county almanac, and sketches here and there -- aldo leopold

a sand county almanac (aldo leopold) i just cracked this and damn… i’m sucked into the reverse chronological history of this dude recounting the events that a tree has survived as he works to fell it. i doubt it was set up to be so engrossing, but it’s some beautiful and surprisingly moving writing. whether this is planned or instinctual is something i’d love to know. the diversity leopold describes in wandering around his property in 1940s wisconsin has me reading this with wikipedia in the other hand....

May 9, 2024 · steve ulrich

17-Mar, 2024 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc The Case for Destroying Old Forest Roads | Science | Smithsonian Magazine i really didn’t realize that even abandoned forest roads were a problem. in retrospect, this makes a ton of sense. feels like we should be figuring out how to make this happen faster. Measuring NAT64 Usage in the Wild | RIPE Labs a rollicking good read.

March 17, 2024 · steve ulrich

reading: the death and life of the great lakes -- dan eagan

the death and life of the great lakes (dan egan) more in the vein of my conservation kick. honestly, i have under appreciated the level of systems thinking that takes place in the world of wildlife biology. this is a fascinating rundown on the various ecological disasters that we’ve been stumbling through as we carve the st. lawrence seaway, reverse the river in chicago and engage in various bits of fishery hijinks in the south....

February 1, 2024 · steve ulrich

14-Jan, 2024 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 171: The Conservation History Of George Washington Carver With Mark Hersey this is one of the best episodes of this podcast that i’ve heard to date. there’s so much to unpack here and so much follow-up reading that it genuinely deserves. from the primacy of economics in so many things, to the post-civil war impacts on the environment because of the primacy of economics to the push for and against self-sustainability....

January 14, 2024 · steve ulrich