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2022 media diet

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January 1, 2022 · sulrich

Jan 2021 - links, etc.

20220101 can we survive technology in 1955 john von neumann wrote this for fortune magazine. there’s a ton of ground covered and it predates, but anticipates the rise of semiconductors, nods at the impacts of carbon dioxide on the climate, talks about weather control and climate control and the dangers inherent in the acceleration of technology. he is way ahead of the curve when it comes to seeing the impacts of what some of the most notable technologies to come out of the second world war would be....

January 1, 2022 · steve ulrich

reading: the planet remade

the planet remade author: oliver morton ISBN: 9780691148250 overview - initial notes the premise - yes, the world is going to see significant impacts from climate change and that these risks are worthy of addressing and yes, moving off of carbon based energy (read, fossil fuels) will be incredibly difficult. so, what are you going to do about it? misc. notes termination shock - as a term is a legit thing....

January 1, 2022 · steve ulrich

2021 media diet

movies save yourselves - far more entertaining than initially expected. this made 2021 the year of the poufe. shirley - elizabeth moss plays menace with glee. not fun, tough to pull away from as well. the assistant - i can’t recall the last time that you loathed a character that you never actually saw on screen so much. oh, and seriously? boner injections are a thing? women in blue (PBS) - predates the murder of george floyd....

December 31, 2021 · sulrich

Dec 2021 - links, etc.

20211201 The American Prison System’s War on Reading • Protean Magazine you know, cause of that whole, smuggling in books thing that is trivial to work around. oh, and there’s a grip of cash to be made on charging prisoners MSRP for books. 20211203 Could Covid Lead to Progress? - The New York Times i’m hopeful, but probably not. just in case you forgot you were owned....

December 31, 2021 · steve ulrich

breaking (n)vim changes

overview over the course of the past year i’ve more or less been forced to move off of emacs and onto nvim. the positive impact on my fingers and hands has been huge. but the retraining of years of muscle memory has been more than a little painful. i’m still getting my vim mojo, but i think i’m more or less 80% as productive as i was previously. recently, i noticed that with the move to nvim 0....

December 24, 2021 · steve ulrich

Nov 2021 - links, etc.

20211102 ‘Dune’ Has a Desert Problem don’t quite know how i landed on this article. but i found it a fascinating read on the influences and whitewashing of dune over its various incarnations. research!rsc: Lessons from the Debian/OpenSSL Fiasco - great read; passed along to me during a crypto discussion at $DAYJOB. 20211106 Who Controls the Internet? And should they? - Bert Hubert’s writings...

November 30, 2021 · steve ulrich

reading: termination shock

reading: termination shock termination shock author: neal stephenson ISBN: 0063028050 personal rating: 4/5 misc. notes i burned through this about as quickly as a grown-ass man with other responsibilities is able to. it’s a pretty solid and fun stephenson ride. as far as fiction goes, i enjoyed it immensely. there’s quite a bit to dig into. but frustratingly, for me, it falls a bit short on the range of impacts and options out there....

November 27, 2021 · steve ulrich