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2021 media diet

movies save yourselves - far more entertaining than initially expected. this made 2021 the year of the poufe. shirley - elizabeth moss plays menace with glee. not fun, tough to pull away from as well. the assistant - i can’t recall the last time that you loathed a character that you never actually saw on screen so much. oh, and seriously? boner injections are a thing? women in blue (PBS) - predates the murder of george floyd....

February 14, 2021 · sulrich

20210926 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 60.8°F and Partly Cloudy belatedly disgorged from instapaper the following series of articles from justin pietsch are well worth a read if you’re a routing protocol dork. Comparing Open Source BGP stacks with internet routes Followup Measuring BGP Stacks Performance links, etc The Look of Gentrification - by Darrell Owens - Darrell’s Newsletter “If you treat your city like a suburb, then it’ll have the demographics of a suburb....

September 26, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210925 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 44.6°F and Clear links, etc Fossil Fuel Capitalism Is Cutting Our Lives Short coming from the UK, so the parallels that are drawn are a little different from what i’d personally think of. it’s a damning read.

September 25, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210921 - links, etc.

meta location: Minneapolis, MN weather: 53.6°F and Clear links, etc Weaponizing Middleboxes for TCP Reflected Amplification no joke, this is one of the best papers i’ve read in ages.

September 21, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210905 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 69.8°F and Clear links, etc KEN & KAREN LAWS AND THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF ANTI-DEMOCRATIC POLITICS by Jon D. Michaels, David L. Noll :: SSRN one of the most illuminating reads on the backdrop and motivations for SB8 and the GOP’s move to use private lawsuits to enforce their cultural agenda.

September 5, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210904 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 73.4°F and Partly Cloudy links, etc States That Cut Unemployment Benefits Saw Limited Impact on Job Growth - WSJ will the DFL hang this around the necks of the GOP in these states? somehow, i doubt it. Why Hospitals and Health Insurers Didn’t Want You to See Their Prices - The New York Times unbelievable. the differences relative to the negotiated medicare rates are mindboggling....

September 4, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210903 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 62.6°F and Foggy links, etc Oh My Fucking God, Get the Fucking Vaccine Already, You Fucking Fucks - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency appropriately captures my feelings on the topic.

September 3, 2021 · steve ulrich

20210902 - links, etc.

meta location: Lanesboro, MN weather: 55.4°F and Clear links, etc modern tools (xkcd) this is totally worth it for the alt-text.

September 2, 2021 · steve ulrich