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2023 media diet

movies knives out (no, not the new one) white noise (netflix) why did we watch this again? tv the boys (amazon - season 1) podcasts the daily (nyt) the argument (nyt) arms control wonk - worth doing the patreon for the additional content. burn the boats the ezra kline show the lawfare podcast wedge live - definitely worth the patreon. the best minneapolis politics coverage. full stop. RIPE labs podcast FiveThirtyEight politics rational security

January 1, 2023 · sulrich

21-Jan, 2023 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc Citizen scientists report global rapid reductions in the visibility of stars from 2011 to 2022 | Science this is kind of shocking.

January 21, 2023 · steve ulrich

12-Jan, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc ERG mode explained: what it is, how to use it and when to turn it off - BikeRadar this and DC rainmaker’s explanation of what’s going on with ERG mode. i am not a fan. ongoing by Tim Bray · Private and Public Mastodon the state of search on the fediverse. i think bray basically nails it here, the content licensing situation is the pragmatic path forward. this needs to be programmatically enforced....

January 12, 2023 · steve ulrich

05-Jan, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc In 2022, web3 went just great - Molly White just a great recap of the griftapalooza that was 2022. Can You Stop Beans From Making You Fart? this is why serious eats is my first stopping point for anything food related.

January 5, 2023 · steve ulrich

04-Jan, 2023 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc Aaron’s 5 Laws Of Bicycling Survival | by Ren Willis | Bullshit.IST practical and well places guidance here. worth the refresher. don’t fear biking in an urban environment, but you do need to be aware of your surroundings and the guidance to read the body language of cars is spot on.

January 4, 2023 · steve ulrich

2022 media diet

movies the eyes of tammy faye - i still cannot believe that this was jessica chastain. but tammy faye does come off looking better than i recall her being in the 80s. the lost daughter - uh, good, i guess? i could not get into it. the power of the dog - talk about a slow burn. brilliant. love and monsters - fumb dun the last duel - great, now i’m thinking about my heirs....

December 31, 2022 · sulrich

22-Dec, 2022 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc ongoing by Tim Bray · Is Moving to Mastodon Ethical? i have to confess, i’ve been wondering about this myself. given the level of technical shift that’s required to work with mastodon, is this a self-selecting group that doesn’t do right by the less mobile groups out there? there’s a lot to unpack here, but i can’t bring myself to get on board with the current state of twitter....

December 22, 2022 · steve ulrich

22-Dec, 2022 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Ticketmaster’s Dark History - The American Prospect seriously, everyone hates ticketmaster. why is this so hard? this will only piss you off even more.

December 22, 2022 · steve ulrich