01-Aug, 2022 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Opinion | Fed Up With Democratic Emails? You’re Not the Only One. - The New York Times so. much. this. Our crony-capitalism index offers a window into Russia’s billionaire wealth | The Economist it looks like the economist dusted up their crony capitalism index. don’t worry ‘murica we’re catchin’ up. also there’s disappointingly small references within wikipedia for crony capitalism and corporate welfare.

August 1, 2022 · steve ulrich

31-Jul, 2022 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc Why Americans Hate the Media - The Atlantic 26 years ago, fallows stuck the landing on this one. things haven’t improved since. politics as sportsball and not giving us the what hasn’t helped our situation any and it makes reading anything remotely political 10x harder to grok reasonably. The Thinking Path - by Steven Johnson - Adjacent Possible when all else fails, take a walk....

July 31, 2022 · steve ulrich

24-Jul, 2022 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc The Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers of 2022 well this prompted an immediate add to the amazon cart. State: Prosecutors not handing over key material to defense attorneys - Minnesota Reformer unsurprising. yet still shitty. NSO was about to sell hacking tools to France. Now the Israeli spyware company is in crisis. | MIT Technology Review i cannot look away from articles about these folks....

July 24, 2022 · steve ulrich

17-Jul, 2022 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc Many young Democrats are furious at Democrats. But they’re pushing through. - The Washington Post yeah, this is me. except for the young part.

July 17, 2022 · steve ulrich

16-Jul, 2022 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc Janeane Garofalo Never Sold Out. What a Relief. - The New York Times i enjoyed this far more than i thought i would.

July 16, 2022 · steve ulrich

11-Jul, 2022 - morning links, etc.

links, etc The Most Pathetic Men in America - The Atlantic far too kind. ‘Alarming’ court decision on Minneapolis 2040 puts a halt on expansion, growth | MinnPost this makes no sense and the suit was an embarrassing read. it’s increasingly apparent to me that i have vastly overestimated the intellectual capacity of brain surgeons and judges.

July 11, 2022 · steve ulrich

08-Jul, 2022 - morning links, etc.

links, etc A Mirror of Nature | Mike Edmunds | Inference i cannot look away when i see articles about the the antikythera mechanism. Let the Rich Have Their Supertalls - The Atlantic technological innovation is really the only place where trickle down economics works. (yes, i’m being loose with that term.) besides, if you put all the rich in towers, it’s that much easier to find them when you want to eat them....

July 8, 2022 · steve ulrich

07-Jul, 2022 - morning links, etc.

links, etc A six-figure income is needed to comfortably afford a home in the Twin Cities, nation | MinnPost unsurprising. it’s not just houses, rents are going through the roof and building is a total pain in the ass. In Defense of Dollar Cost Averaging – Of Dollars And Data mock my lazy investment style all you want.

July 7, 2022 · steve ulrich