28-Jul, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Work Jacket | Japan Trend Shop the earth suits that neal stephenson wroute about in termination shock are real yo! of course, the japanese are ahead of the curve here.

July 28, 2023 · steve ulrich

24-Jul, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Let the National Park Service Know We Want e-Bikes - Bikerumor so. much. this. let’s have all sort of new problems with everyone getting e-bikes. i mean that in the most sincere way possible. i would so much rather that we were having vigorous debates about e-bikes than cars.

July 24, 2023 · steve ulrich

21-Jul, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc It’s Summer Vacation. Does the Media Know Where Clarence Thomas Is? | The Nation clicked on this for the solidarity. stuck around for the well made point. it’s clear journalists need to be crawling up the ass of the SCOTUS with extreme vigor. hey adam liptak, howsabout you cop a more adversarial and less deferential tone?

July 21, 2023 · steve ulrich

13-Jul, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Is It Hot Enough Yet for Politicians to Take Real Action? | The New Yorker somehow, i doubt it.

July 13, 2023 · steve ulrich

12-Jul, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc extreme heat is deadlier than hurricanes floods and tornadoes combined research indicates that the population in general isn’t as aware of the risks, etc. associated with heat exposure and there’s a pretty big gaps in terms of public understanding of the differences between heat watch, heat warning and the measures folks need to take wrt each.

July 12, 2023 · steve ulrich

07-Jul, 2023 - afternoon links, etc.

links, etc Patricia Lockwood · Where be your jibes now? David Foster Wallace · LRB 13 July 2023 i don’t know how i started on this. i kind of feel like i need to finish the pale king now, but i really don’t feel like i need to pick up infinite jest. if i’m being honest here, i only got like 1/2 the references but i was sucked in nonetheless.

July 7, 2023 · steve ulrich

03-Jul, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc [Paris Mayor Enters Fray Between E-Bikes and Pedestrians — By Fighting Drivers Streetsblog New York City](https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2023/06/30/paris-mayor-enters-fray-between-e-bikes-and-pedestrians-by-fighting-drivers) this is sounding pretty awesome. How Google Reader died — and why the web misses it more than ever - The Verge i’m inclined to take all of this with a massive grain of salt. but it kind of feels right. RIP reader, you are still missed. though the folks over at newsblur have been doing a great job in the intervening years....

July 3, 2023 · steve ulrich

18-Jun, 2023 - morning links, etc.

links, etc Inside the World of Virtual Sports Betting this is insane to me. you have no notion of random “fairness” in such a scenario. not even the horses are real. How Huawei Got Caught Spying and Lost a $200 Million 5G Contract - Bloomberg a fascinating read on the lengths that some folks will go to to win telecommunications contracts. archive.is

June 18, 2023 · steve ulrich