biz as usual limits growth

vice’s take on the club of rome’s limits to growth modeling from the 1970’s. there are a number of interesting take aways from the article. but the punchline is, we’re doing very little to align towards a sustainable model of operation, though it’s obviously within our power. this will quite likely require a massive shift (socially) in terms of what we value and a rewiring of our motivations. i wonder if late stage capitalism can make these changes....

July 18, 2021 · steve ulrich

don't take the bet

this new yorker article requires a bit of pause. there’s a fair amount to embrace within this and a tacit call to pause your most angsty reactions to the past 4 years. “Never play a guy at his own game; nobody makes up a game in order to get beat at it.” … He didn’t say as much as he might have or as many might have wanted....

July 12, 2021 · steve ulrich

america as a racist country

this does not speak well of us as minnesotans. To escape the circle of racism, Floyd moved to Minneapolis, Minn., where the Black poverty rate is more than four times the white poverty rate; where the Black incarceration rate is 11 times the white incarceration rate; where the Black-white income gap is second-to-last among the 100 largest cities in America. Had George Floyd done nothing but be white, he would have been living in the second-highest ranked state for opportunity, according to U....

May 31, 2021 · steve ulrich

the doomsday invention

I arrived before he did, and waited in a hallway between two conference rooms. A plaque indicated that one of them was the Arkhipov Room, honoring Vasili Arkhipov, a Soviet naval officer. During the Cuban missile crisis, Arkhipov was serving on a submarine in the Caribbean when U.S. destroyers set off depth charges nearby. His captain, unable to establish radio contact with Moscow, feared that the conflict had escalated and ordered a nuclear strike....

May 8, 2021 · steve ulrich

lest we think that anti-science stupidity is confined to our shores

The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands it’s interesting to see how repbulican’s pick and choose on the science that they want to believe in. but this kind of willfull ignorance seems to be spilling beyond the US in alarming ways. i’m clearly not tracking the political developments in other countries, but this is more than a little shocking. The full antiscience agenda of the Republican Party has now gone beyond our national borders....

April 1, 2021 · steve ulrich

how much do the police really cost us

an interesting breakdown on police death stats. the code is definitely worth checking out. the original source for this information is available as a CSV. The near-stability of the rate of people killed by police in Democratic cities is a success when compared to the increases in Republican cities, but it is a failure in relation to the overall goal of ending the death of civilians who interact with the police....

March 28, 2021 · steve ulrich

climate switches

He points out that, in IPCC jargon, “very unlikely” translates to a probability of less than 10 percent. But if a nuclear reactor in your neighborhood had a less-than-10-percent likelihood of blowing up, he asked, “would you be reassured?” – meta location: Lanesboro weather: 41°F and Partly Cloudy

March 28, 2021 · steve ulrich

what are you staking your baseline to?

But here’s the rub: I am able to afford this faux middle-class life on $40,000 a year because I live around poverty. The median income in the city of Cleveland is $26,179; the median income in Shaker Heights, where I live, is $75,177. Nearly a quarter of Clevelanders live below the poverty line, and only about 15 percent have a B.A. And yet, true to form, there are a few small areas within the city limits that I can no longer afford to live, as developers have rushed in to build overpriced housing for a tiny segment of educated professionals....

March 28, 2021 · steve ulrich